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County Team 2015

Derbyshire vs Worcestershire
Firstly lads I would like to say how proud I am with Saturday's result winning 20-2 against Lancashire who could of qualified, and to finish 2nd is a step in right direction the final table was
Cumbria W3 L0 Pts 56
Derbyshire W1 L2 Pts 28
Durham W1 L2 Pts 25
Lancashire W1 L2 Pts 23
now to midland county's game vs Worcestershire let's keep winning and finish the season on a roll
Venue: Long Eaton Town
Match fee: 10
Buffet after game
Can I have numbers of who stopping by Tuesday latest please.

I wish you all the best for this game lads as I will be playing national mix fours in Lincolnshire so won't be able to attend. Good Luck cheers TM

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